Firstly, can I thank you all for your ongoing support. I am sure you can appreciate the challenges the escalating situation around Coronavirus is presenting to us at school.

On Friday, we closed our doors at 3:30pm to the vast majority of parents. There are some principals the Local Authority have told staff that should apply to all Keyworkers/critical staff. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. Please note: 

Keyworkers must only send children to school when they are actually on rota working for the employer, not at other times.
Keyworkers should not send them to school if their partner, or similar, is able to look after them.
There is an expectation that if key workers are working from home the default should be to keep children there, rather than send them to school.
Furthermore, the Government is saying if it is at all possible, please keep your children at home. School staff must not be threatened for advice that has been issued to try to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in our country.
I will of course keep you updated and give you as much notice as I can if things change. This will be through the T2P App and the website. 

We have already set up a page on our website ‘In the event of School Closure’ where work and advice is being posted. This is the place to look if you are currently self-isolating as teachers are already providing the work being currently covered. There is also a list of handy websites to look at. My advice would be to keep track of children’s learning, but turn a negative situation into a positive one and explore nature in your own environment. Do some gardening, bake some cakes, enjoy mindfulness colouring, read lots of books or play board games together!

In response to the current situation we had taken some additional precautions in school. We continued to re-emphasise the importance of washing hands regularly, particularly on arrival at school and both before and after lunch. Unfortunately, we were unable to source hand sanitiser but we had a good supply of soap in all toilets. Some parents had given their children personal hand sanitiser, and children could use this whenever they felt the need to. We have cancelled all non-essential school activities such as trips, visitors into school, sports fixtures, Celebration Assemblies etc. for the foreseeable future. We continue to advise parents to drop children off at the main school door to help us reduce contact.

Can I remind you all to please follow Government advice regarding self-isolation. It is vitally important that you do not send your child in to school if they or anyone in their household are displaying any of the Coronavirus symptoms, however mild. These symptoms, as I am sure you are aware, are a new, persistent cough and/or a high temperature. If a child feels unwell in school, we will contact home and ask for them to be collected immediately. We expect that families will follow the 14-day rule and self-isolate as a whole. Absences due to self-isolation will of course be authorised and no parent or carer will be penalised due to these absences. If you declare that your child is off school due to self-isolation we will record their absence from school for 14 days. For all other absences, please continue to contact school on a daily basis.

If you have any specific questions, concerns or need any advice please contact the school office via email, but please limit your contact to absolutely essential, in the event of a personal emergency, please phone school directly. Do not ring school asking about work as how to access work has been set out clearly in a letter to you and is available on the website under ‘Home’ and then ‘News’. The work itself is under the tab ‘In the Event of School Closure’.  

Best wishes to you all in these difficult times.

Mrs Georgie Metcalfe

Head Teacher

We are all guided by the Slingsby Values for Life: Respect, Honesty, Resilience, Expectations and Caring for Others

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