We are pleased to confirm Slingsby School has re-opened to all pupils following the Covid-19 lockdown. In addition to the drawing up of a plan being an impossible puzzle with the ever changing advice, we have taken account of all the information we have been given and acted in line with our current level of readiness. 

There are many new ‘normals’ to navigate and we are all learning all the time. Can we thank everyone for their support and the various suggestions which have supported us throughout this time. We have listened to all of them and have tried to be as flexible as possible. 

Thank you too for understanding the complexities of handling something such as this, which you really would not expect to have to plan for in your career!

The safety of our school community continues to be our priority and we are following strict Covid-19 guidelines in school. Home learning packs continue to be provided online for all year groups on our website under the “Home Schooling” tab for those who have to self isolate and updates provided by email and the Teachers2 Parents App.

Please continue to adhere to the Government Coronavirus Guidelines and stay safe.

With very best wishes

Mrs Metcalfe & Mr Smith  

We are all guided by the Slingsby Values for Life: Respect, Honesty, Resilience, Expectations and Caring for Others


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