Languages Progression Overview

Slinsby C P School follows the agreed scheme of work for French drawn up by North Yorkshire LEA. Every class receives a French lesson each week. There are opportunities to learn basic Italian and German.


  • Provide children with linguistic opportunities to prepare them for secondary school and to provide the foundation for learning further languages
  • To instil an appreciation of other cultures
  • To increase the children’s knowledge of other cultures and ways of life
  • To be able to respond in another language on a basic level


  • Weekly opportunities to practice speaking and writing, following a progressive scheme of work developed by NYCC.
  • Working with the families of children for whom English is a second language where possible.
  • Children encouraged to answer the register in a language of their choice.


  • As they move through the school children speak with increasing confidence and fluency.
  • Children’s knowledge of other cultures is upskilled.
  • Stereotyping is addressed through investigation and discussion of other cultures.