Uniform & FOSS Pre-Loved Uniform

All information regarding school uniform can be found in our Uniform Policy and our Prospectus. 

School uniform is available from School Shop

FOSS Pre-Loved Uniform 

Our amazing and dedicated FOSS team have put together this brilliant power point attachment which details all the pre-loved items they currently have to hand plus photos, sizes, size chart, prices, brand and payment method – it’s all in there!

For those of you who are new to Slingsby School, families whose children have left or outgrown their uniform, school shoes or PE kits can donate good quality new and used, branded and non-branded items to FOSS. If you have any pre-loved uniform that you would like to donate, please contact FOSS at friendsofslingsbyschool@hotmail.co.uk to arrange collection/drop-off.

By buying pre-loved uniform it also extends the life of clothes and offers the greatest overall potential across carbon, water, and landfill waste.

Thank you so much for supporting FOSS and helping us to protect our planet.

FOSS Pre-Loved Uniform list – October 2022