RSE PSHE Progressive Curriculum Long Term Coverage & Long Term Planning

RSE PSHE Mixed Aged Planning

The Slingsby Values for Life have a strong part to play in our PSHE/RSE lessons, as do British Values. We study how to deal with life, worries and moral dilemmas. This is done through a variety of visitors such as NSPCC, CEOP (internet safety) and the York/Selby Magistrate Court. We also have discrete lessons dedicated to this theme. Healthy living, exercise and eating is also a theme that the children are taught. Mental health and Mindfulness are a strong influence throughout our school day.


  • All children are actively encouraged to appreciate each other and to treat each other as they would wish to be treated.
  • That each child is given the opportunity to develop resilience and self-sufficiency, whilst being sensitive and respectful to the needs of others.
  • Sex and relationship education is an important part of PSHE/RSE teaching. We intend for our children to be given the age related information required to enable them to make good choices and to understand about healthy and unhealthy behaviours.
  • Children develop a sense of morality
  • Children develop a knowledge of how to look after themselves through healthy diet and regular exercise.


  • The Slingsby ‘Values for Life’ are displayed in each classroom and these are used as a foundation from which to teach all PSHE/RSE.
  • Class teachers to refer to the Slingsby Values for Life to deal with situations that may arise.
  • From the very early years and the early days in school each September children are taught and encouraged to become increasingly independent and resilient to new challenges. This is continued until Y6 and beyond (HT meeting with Y7 who were once Y6).
  • Maintain regular communications with outside agencies, e.g the police, magistrates and health services, invite visits for talks around internet safety, keeping safe and being a good citizen.
  • Staff will complete the online Safeguarding/Prevent/Child Protection training (and others) as instructed by the HT.
  • Children have daily opportunities for reflection and discussion about choices (when words are out, they cannot go back in).
  • Discrete PSHE/RSE lessons alongside embedded discussions.

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