Following the science curriculum of 2014, each year group plans engaging, experimental work that goes beyond the statutory requirements outlined by the government. We also work closely with Malton Secondary School Science Department, as well as the Howardian Alliance for training and moderation events.


  • Continue to ensure that curriculum content is covered by each Year group and class, and aim to teach science lessons in an exciting, stimulating and practical way.
  • Slingsby School has constructed a Science curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
  • Ensuring all pupils have the opportunities for investigative science activities.
  • Slingsby School’s curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.
  • The standard of written work meets school expectations. The pupils apply their knowledge and understanding of strategies and skills taught and learnt in literacy and numeracy.


  • Annual staff planning and review (June) with all staff to assess what has worked well during the year.
  • Check that statutory objectives have been covered.
  • Ensure continuity and progression and enable pupils to access statutory objectives/concepts set out in the National Curriculum.
  • Science moderation (Howardian Alliance Schools).
  • Pupils are given regular opportunities in each unit of work in an investigative way by asking ‘What happens when? Or proving/disproving predictions they make.
  • They work collaboratively and independently to plan and participate in experiments. They record their work in suitable diagrams, tables and charts.
  • Once per term, in Class 4, the children receive specialist science lessons from Mr. Rumney from Malton Secondary School (‘awe and wonder).
  • Use of outdoor environment to make science ‘real’.
  • Shared, practical science days planned and delivered in conjunction with Gillamoor staff.
  • Children are encouraged to use skills taught across the curriculum (ie: data handling & measuring, written and oral communication, illustration & design).
  • Health & well-being incorporated into every PE lesson.
  • Collaborative investigations further reinforce Slingsby Values for Life.
  • Introduction of ‘Non-negotiables’ display in a prominent location in the classroom to continuously refer to and remind children of high expectations and quality of work in every subject.


  • Children are engaged and motivated to learn, to develop their understanding further in science.
  • Children will use accurate and knowledgeable scientific vocabulary.
  • Learners develop a detailed knowledge of the key concepts from the science programme of study.
  • Ensuring that cross curricular links are made and therefore deepening the children’s knowledge.
  • Children understand the importance of presentation and quality of work is essential in all areas.
  • Engage all children more thoroughly, especially those children who learn in a more visual and interactive manner.