At Slingsby C P we ensure literacy lessons are engaging and varied and our passion and enthusiasm for this subject ensures the children are keen to make progress.

The children are given weekly spellings and are encouraged to practice their words in a sentence which ensures they know the correct definitions. A weekly spelling test is then carried out.


Reading has a huge emphasis here at Slingsby C P and children are encouraged to read at home with family members. This is then followed by guided reading and 1:1 reading with an adult in school


Spelling, punctuation and grammar – this follows the National Curriculum and teaching of this is incorporated into literacy lessons. High standards of SPAG are expected in all curriculum lessons, regardless of the subject.


Phonics starts from Reception (phase 2) and continues through the school until phase 6.

In Class 1 we use discrete phonic teaching as a starting point. Learning is linked to stories and texts wherever possible and ideas are formulated throughout the week using talk, reading and writing to improve the basic skills of all children. Our guided reading approach uses the best of many schemes, including Pearson, ORT and even Lego texts.

Home readers are colour coded and draw from similar schemes and ORT primarily.