RE North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus

In RE we discuss the values and celebrations of faiths and cultures in our diverse world. We enjoy bringing these festivals to life by exploring them through craft and other hands on activities. We follow the North Yorkshire Syllabus for RE, which covers a multitude of faiths and beliefs. The pupils of Slingsby C P have an assembly each week in either the village church or chapel. These assemblies are organised and run by our local community.


  • All children are actively encouraged to appreciate beliefs from all aspects of life
  • To engage all children in the values of the school and, in turn, in their local community.
  • To improve the children’s understanding of the wider world, how others live and worship and to build tolerance and knowledge of our diverse nation and the world.


  • The Slingsby ‘Values for Life’ will be discussed, expanded upon and displayed in each classroom as these are used as a foundation from which to teach all RE.
  • All classes follow the updated NYCC RE scheme
  • The whole school attend a weekly Christian assembly held alternately at the church or chapel in Slingsby village.
  • Provision made for other faiths followed in school when required e.g. Jehovah’s Witness display board
  • External trips to experience a faith first hand (Hope Central etc, Gurdwara)
  • Children are actively encouraged to help others and become involved in projects e.g the Youth Leader scheme and Castle Howard estate.


  • Children receive a grounding in the school’s values for life, British values and learn to develop their own opinions and beliefs (and expect that these will be respected).
  • Children learn that other people may have different opinion and faiths to their own, but that these are important to them and should be respected also.
  • Children feel part of the Slingsby community and in turn they feel valued by members of the church community in Slingsby.
  • All classes design and decorate the Castle Howard chapel Christmas tree giving them a sense of belief and community.
  • The diverse faiths of the world are discovered and respected giving the children a broader view of the cultural capital in which we live today.