Pupil Premium


The pupil premium is allocated to schools for children of eligible school age from low-income families who are: –

  • Currently registered for free school meals (FSM) or have been in receipt of FSM at any time in the past 6 years (known as the Ever 6 FSM measure).
  • Children who have been looked after (by the local authority).
  • Parents who are currently serving in the armed forces.
  • Early Years Pupil Premium is also available to schools with a Nursery Class to support disadvantaged three and four year olds.

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However, we will be held accountable for how it has been used. We are required to publish online information about how we have used the Premium and what impact it has had. We will provide as much information as possible without enabling the identification of individual pupils. The Premium is received on a financial year basis but, we have to report on an academic year basis.

Slingsby CP School Pupil_Premium_Strategy_Statement 2022_2023

Slingsby CP School Pupil_Premium_Strategy_Statement 2023_2024