Class 1

Shark in the Park read by Mrs Smurthwaite –
Meet our adorable baby guinea pigs!
Hello class 1.
I am missing you all very much and trust that you are being good and working hard for your parents whilst keeping well? I have been to school this week to water our vegetable seeds and collect Sweetie and Bear. They are now having a holiday at my house in Swinton where they are both eating lots, but no babies yet! Here are some photographs of the beans that we planted after learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They are growing!
Please continue to have fun learning with your family and enjoy safe exercise together while the sun shines. 
This week I have practised times tables with my son Leo, made a rainforest poster, had a picnic in the garden, a bike ride to the river with nature walk, painted a rainbow for my house window and clapped the NHS at 8pm. 
Remember that there is so much for grown ups to do, so you can help by making your bed, collecting up washing and sorting odd socks. You can help with lots of household chores. 
Keep busy and keep safe class 1!
Mr Mortimer

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